The Dettling 71

Since the success of the 51, there have been many requests from yachtsmen for a larger yacht with crew's quarters. To that end, we designed the Dettling 71, a yacht with the same sleek, low profile as the 51, which can be easily handled by an owner couple, but which also provides quarters for a captain and mate while still preserving the privacy of the owner.

As in the 51, all sources of noise, heat, and vibration have been relegated to the stern beneath the open aft deck. This places them in an engine room accessible to the crew's quarters, which has its own private entrance. Engines of choice are two 1050 hp diesels for a top speed of 28 kts and an easy cruise of 24 kts.

Flexible interior layouts will answer any yachtsman's requirements, with up to 4 staterooms and 4 heads plus crew's quarters aft with private entrance, head, and small galley. The yacht's main galley, a seagoing cook's dream, can be separated from the saloon or left open to the party. A variety of entertainment and dining choices offers venues for a large celebration or an intimate dinner for two.

The 71, like the 51, is built without compromise in materials, construction, and execution. Each detail and system is the product of endless thought and trial, resulting in the best and most beautiful a yacht can be.

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